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Unity Square

The Unity Square site was developed and officially commissioned on July 2020 on Independence Day. The site hosts the 50 Meter National flagpole, and is also the tallest flagpole and largest flag in the South Pacific Region. The Site also contains the nine flags representing all the provinces of the country, including the national capital territory of Honiara. Unity is a gift from Solomon Ports to the good citizens of Solomon Islands, and is open to the public 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm. The site has already hosted a number of major events and activities in the capital since its opening. Solomon Ports kindly welcomes individuals and organizations who want to host events on the square, a committee was also created to look after the site, maintain it's functions, organize events, and point of contact. Those individuals wishing to host their events on the square should contact and seek approval from the Unity Square Committee before proceeding.

Any groups, schools and organizations wishing to use the facility can contact the following for assistance.

Romeo Vilaka  Ph:7446729  
Lowen Sei        Ph:7845619