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New International Wharf Construction Phase

The ground breaking ceremony for the construction phase of the New International Wharf was held earlier this year 2015. This is a new 180 metre deep sea water berth and its completion will certainly boost trade at the Port of Honiara. groundbreaking

It is expected that the new wharf will be in operation in 2016.This is a second international wharf and once in operation, it would reduce the waiting time for ship berthing as two wharfs will be in operation simultaneously and also larger vessels can be easily accommodated.

The Port Industry is a competative and dynamic industry and smaller ports like the Port of Honiara & Noro has to seriously invest in port infrastructure and technology in order to remain competative with our neighbouring ports in the South Pacific.

Strategic plan 2013- 2017

Experts from Singapore have been engaged to provide expert guidance in the development of the SIPA’s strategic plan 2013 - 2017.
With the obligation under the State Own Enterprise (SOE) Act to reform, this strategy will ensure that SIPA Governance is Sound, its strategy reflects the National Values and Commitment to building " A United, Vibrant Solomon Islands".

In this commitment, the planning is to project Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) as the Point of Call, and the Ports as the Shipping and Tourism hub for the Pacific Region.

As part of the strategic plan, a team of consultants from Singapore is engaged to review SIPA’s financial and operational functions. The review exercise includes the Information Technology section, Finance, Human Resource and the Operation.

The ultimate goal is for SIPA to operate efficiently and effectively in delivering its services through investment on appropriate port technology. This will attract and increase trade volume through the ports and also make SIPA operate on a sound and sustainable financial capacity.

Thanks to iBusiness for developing and championing the SIPA's strategic plan 2013 - 2017.



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Fresh Tuna Processing Facility


An overseas tuna processing company base at the Port of Honiara. Every month, it exports an average of 30 tones of fresh yellow fin tuna to its overseas market.