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19th March 2014. CEO Post Advertised

The Chief Executive officer (CEO) post of the Solomon Islands Ports Authority is currently vacant and is inviting applications from both local and overseas to fill the post. Intending candidates are to submit their applications by 9th May 2014. Further enquiries, please download this information sheet. CEO Post Advertised

17th March 2014.TheJapanese & The SINGAPORE Team
These overseas consultants are currently with Solomon Islands Ports Authority. The Japanese Team is working closely with the Department of Engineering in preparation for the construction of the proposed New 180 metre sea berth. This will be a second international sea berth at the Port of Honiara. They are also working  in consultation with the Corporate Service Department relating to manpower resource.
The SINGAPORE team however, is conducting their own study as part of their final investigation and consultative work undertaken last year in 2013. This relates to improving finance, human resource and port operational performance. The team will return in April next month to present their findings and report to the Board of Directors.


workshopMarch 2013. A workshop was organised and funded by SIPA and conducted by Lim How, a psychologist and a consultant from Singapore. The week long workshop is on Transformational Leadership.

Employees are the invaluable asset of SIPA. For the company to advance in pursuing its vision and reform itself as an enterprising government entity, its manpower resource has to be transformed in work ethics and adopt a more strategic work approach.

This should create a dynamic corporate culture where quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction is guaranteed and much is achieved.

Transformational Leadership is not only about pursuing personal success but having confidence, inspiring and empowering others to take responsibilities, success through strategic planning and greater commitment and achieving greater results that transform communities, organisations and corporate entities significantly to greater heights.

Strategic plan 2013- 2017

Experts from Singapore have been engaged in February this year 2013 to provide expert guidance in the development of the SIPA’s strategic plan 2013 - 2017.

With the obligation under the State Own Enterprise (SOE) Act, this strategy will ensure that SIPA Governance is Sound, its strategy reflects the National Values and Commitment to building " A United, Vibrant Solomon Islands". In this commitment, the planning is to project Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) as the Point of Call, and the Ports as the Shipping and Tourism hub for the Pacific Region.

As part of the strategic plan, a team of consultants from Singapore is engaged and will be arriving during the course of the year to review SIPA’s financial and operational functions. The review exercise includes the Information Technology section, Finance, Human Resource and the Operation.

The ultimate goal is for SIPA to operate efficiently and effectively in delivering its services through investment on appropriate port technology. This will attract and increase trade volume through the ports and also make SIPA operate on a sound and sustainable financial capacity.

Thanks to IPacific Frontiers and its professional partners for developing and championing the SIPA's strategic plan 2013 - 2017.



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Fresh Tuna Processing Facility


An overseas tuna processing company base at the Port of Honiara. Every month, it exports an average of 30 tones of fresh yellow fin tuna to its overseas market.

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