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Solomon Ports invest in people. We are strongly determined to foster a professional workforce that does not forget the norms and customs of its people. This helps in creating a work environment that is family-oriented and possibly the best of its kind in Solomon Islands.

Long Service Benefit

Due to this long-term commitment to foster good relationships between our workers and clients. Solomon Ports would like to reward this relationship with a Long Service benefit that precedes almost all other companies in Solomon Islands.  

Vehicle Payment Scheme

This scheme has been with Solomon Ports since a decade ago. Especially today with the influx of urban drift – taking public transport has become difficult. Although company trucks and buses also do pickups we hope that by opening this scheme our people can be punctual and reduce the pressures of family life.

Clinic Privileges

Speaking of family life, we also see the importance of keeping our family’s healthy. By opening an in-house clinic for both our people and their families we are confident that our people would be productive. A clinic that offers free medical supplies and consultations from two experienced medical practitioners. 


Ports Recreation

Having a healthy lifestyle is one of our priorities for our people. Studies have shown a direct correlation between being healthy and productivity. As such Solomon Ports have an annual sporting event for our people to push this reminder into our workforce. Apart from the event, we also have a Ports Playground that has facilities for soccer, netball, and volleyball which our people can use at their discretion. 

Study Leave or Training

Employee development is also one of our priorities. Helping our people gain further understanding or knowledge on their current duties to help with performance and productivity is essential. Therefore, we see fit to give our people leave for any amount of time and return to contribute towards Solomon Ports development.

Funeral Scheme

Our commitment to our people is absolute, as they say. Unforeseen circumstances could sometimes creep up on the best of us. In such times the company will foot almost all the funeral costs. This applies to all immediate family members. We would like to make certain that our people are looked after properly in times of mourning.    

Free lunch

Lunch is a very important meal in a day. It sets people up to work effectively till end of business. That is why at Solomon Ports we provide lunch for all our employees free of charge.