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Check out our shipping schedule for international vessels. This schedule is subjected to change without notice so do contact us if necessary. For domestic vessels check this list of all major shipping companies in Solomon Islands.

Consult an overseas shipping agent. Since there are limited number of shipping agents in Solomon Islands, do check with the overseas agent if they could ship to Solomon Islands. If they can, then buy their shipping dues and follow your consignment here in Solomon Islands.

If your goods are brought in as LCL, FCL or Break Bulk do check with your shipping agent before proceeding to a Clearing Agent. A clearing/customs agent is essentially responsible for the customs clearance aspect of the goods. In Solomon Islands we have licensed agents. Contact any of the licensed agent listed here for their charge or for any further queries.

No. You can order the goods online and send money through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) but in terms of clearance purposes, all cargoes will have to be vetted by customs agent before your goods can be released from Ports area. These agents are licensed by the Solomon Islands Customs & Excise Division

For a list of Customs Broker or Agent see document here. 

For transport insurance and proper checking with international law and foreign customs we recommend using one of the shipping agents to handle your freight forwarding needs. Here are their contact details. If you would like to export goods without a freight forwarder please consult Solomon Islands Customs & Excise Division

This depends on availability and expense. Some shipping agents do not have agents close to where you might want to ship your goods to. A quick check with the shipping agents will suffice. Here is a list of all shipping agents in Solomon Islands. A word of advice, shipping agent charges vary so it might be in your best interest to also check their charges.

There are several charges that will apply. Please check our Port Charges Schedule for the usual charges. For a more detailed description, please check our Port Tariff document.