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Solomon Ports’ Harbours Department apart from training cadets and launch personnel have also recruited experienced Pilots. These Pilots are on standby 24/7 for both International and Domestic vessels.

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels measuring greater than 40 metres.

There are currently 6 pilots employed by Solomon Ports. Five of whom are Honiara based while one other is situated at Noro. They all have the necessary license to operate all vessel types. Pilots are available for both in-port and out-port pilotage.

Requests for pilots is done through shipping agents or for domestic vessels through shipping companies. This request will be given to the Harbour Master’s office 2-3 weeks before ETA.

For communication purposes, Solomon Ports Pilots listen and monitor VHF channel 09 and channel 16.

SP Pilots receive confirmation from vessel 2 hours before reaching boarding ground. When radio silence is observed, SP Pilots will attempt communication through channel 16 to confirm ETA.