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Leading an Entire Region




The success of the Solomon Ports ‘Green Port Initiatives’ has resonated to our brethren all around Oceania. Being the first in the South Pacific Islands to install these sustainable LED light and security systems yielded enquires from multiple South Pacific Island port authorities on how they might do likewise. Additionally, at the upcoming 45th PMTA (2020) Annual Conference to be hosted this July in Honiara, every South Pacific Island nation port authority will witness firsthand, a demonstration of our green initiatives and their full range of impact. The brightest beacon is the purest source of light…


Vessels now navigate the habour and its channels via solar powered leading lights and navigation lights far more securely. The fishermen who often sleep and stay on the moored vessels, now do so with improved security. The port is safer with decreased opportunity for theft… those who once tried, balk at the deterrents of bright lights and cameras. The markets are lit at night providing vendors and tens of thousands of residents with safe selling, safe passage and safe transactions.

Additionally, the greater area residents have more secure homes and businesses and they now all have precious lighting that remains splendent during the all-too-often experienced power cuts. High safety also directly correlates to high commerce… enhanced economics is yet another powerful upshot.

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