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Solomon Ports’ ‘Green Port’ Initiative Takes Flight

Light is Energy, Light is Life… Light is vibrant and it is safe. When it comes from the sun, it is free… free to capture, free to use, to store and to reuse again and again.
The lights at Solomon Ports are now solar-powered, high efficient LED. They are now bolder and brighter than ever before… and they have ushered in with them so many transcendent benefits to a nation that has always lived so closely linked with the sea as its main provider, transporter, protector and even sometimes, an untethered reminder of the true and awesome power of Mother Nature. All of those elements are now safer and more reliable due to the luminance resonating from the Solomon Ports in Honiara and Noro.

A Green Light Burns Brightest of All

Solar-powered lights are not the only ‘Green’ initiatives that have recently been carried out at Solomon Ports. There are many other sustainable changes that have been made around the main ports of Honiara and Noro, and the impacts they provide is environmental, economic, cultural and communal in equal parts.
While almost any organisation can save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing sustainable practices, few can ever so profoundly affect such a large percentage of a nation with their efforts as compared to what has transpired at Solomon Ports.

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