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Solomon Ports is proud to announce we are now a finalist of the International Association of Ports and Habours (IAPH) World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) for our Green Port Project.

Guided by the 17 UN SDGs the program wants to enhance and coordinate future sustainability efforts of ports worldwide and foster international cooperation with partners in the supply chain. The World Ports Sustainability Program builds on the World Ports Climate Initiative that IAPH started in 2008 and extends it to other areas of sustainable development.

Other finalists include some of the biggest port in the world such as the Port of Rotterdam and Port of Marseille and 5 other major ports around the world.

Solomon Ports is the only port in the Asia Pacific region to make to the finals, where a total of 45 eligible projects were submitted as candidates for the WPSP awards.

Solomon Ports was selected by the Pacific Community (SPC) to champion the South Pacific’s first ever ‘Green Port Pilot Project’ back in 2018, and so far, has been improving efficiency, resilience and reducing carbon footprints.

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