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Solomon Ports today welcomed the arrival of a new Pilot Boat at Honiara Port.

A commissioning ceremony was held at the Honiara Copra Wharf at Honiara Port this morning.

The new Pilot boat is called the “Pilot Bravo”, which measures at 12 meters in overall length and outfitted with double Yamaha 250 Horsepower outboard engines.

The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga who was the guest of honour, SIPA board of directors’ representatives, SIPA Executive management and staff.

The new Pilot boat will replace the ‘Tandai’ Pilot boat, which will be transferred down to Noro Port in the Western Province to replace the previous Pilot Boat, which is currently being repaired in Honiara.

‘Pilot Bravo’ is expected to improve the Port’s capability in transporting our Maritime Pilots to inbound and outbound vessels accessing the port of Honiara.

Speaking during the ceremony today, Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga took time to acknowledge the SIPA executive management and staff for the safe delivery of the new boat.


Hon.Maelanga said the arrival of the new pilot boat marks another major achievement for Solomon Ports and the Port of Honiara.

“This new pilot boat is a timely addition to the habours team, who will be facilitating the transfer of our marine pilots to incoming cargo vessels in a safer, and much quicker manner. This well improve the safety of our pilots, harbors staff and assist the safe passage of incoming cargo vessels to Honiara Port,” he said.

“Despite the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Solomon Ports continues to remain resilient in both its investments and service delivery. The arrival of this new boat will surely be a boost to SIPA’s service delivery capability and will instill more confidence from customers and other key stakeholders alike, in SIPA’s capability to deliver efficient and up to standard service here at Honiara Port".

He also reminded SIPA Habours staff and officers who will be working on board Pilot Bravo to carry out their duties with pride and serve the best interests of the Port.

Meanwhile, SIPA Habour Master, Captain. Percy Biliki spoke on behalf of the SIPA Executive management and acknowledged the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Maelanga.

Captain Percy also took time to highlight the significance of pilot boats in facilitating proper and safer pilotage services in Ports.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Maelanga and invited guests were also invited for a tour inside the boat, where they were taken for a brief 10 minute test run inside the new boat along the Honiara Coast.

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