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Solomon Ports Joins 2023 Pacific Games as Silver Partner Sponsor

Solomon Ports is delighted to announce its official partnership with the Pacific Games 2023 Games Organizing Committee (GOC) of the 2023 Pacific Games as a Silver Partner Sponsor. The signing ceremony, held at the prestigious Sport City Complex at King George today, marks a momentous collaboration aimed at ensuring the seamless facilitation of containers containing goods and equipment for the highly anticipated sporting event.

The partnership was formalized in a ceremony attended by distinguished guests, including Solomon Ports Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Eranda Kotelawala, and, The Pacific Games 2023 Games Organizing Committee Chief executive officer, Mr Peter Steward. The sponsorship, valued at SBD$2 million, highlights Solomon Ports' commitment to supporting the Pacific Games and contributing to the success of this grand sporting spectacle.

The sponsorship by Solomon Ports will provide critical support across various key areas, ensuring a successful and efficient delivery of goods and services for the 2023 Pacific Games. The partnership will cover the following essential services such as, ‘Ease of access to the port, waivering of port charges, Container storage, Sewage Collection , Use of SIPA Billboards , and the provision of Air Conditioned Office Containers.

Mr. Eranda Kotelawala, CEO of Solomon Ports, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating;

 "We are excited and glad to collaborate with the 2023 Pacific Games as Silver Sponsors, We are proud to be part of the sponsorship team in supporting the games, supporting our athletes, and supporting our country, ” he said.

“We are indeed proud to be sponsors, which I believe our athletes will give their best during the games to compete with other athletes across the region and make us proud.”

Meanwhile, The Pacific Games 2023 Games Organizing Committee Chief executive officer, Mr Peter Steward, expressed gratitude for the partnership, saying;

“We will be bringing in around 100 containers worth of containers containing goods and equipment’s  to run this games, so the support of Solomon Ports is essential to us to be able to deliver a successful Games, Solomon Ports is going to provide to us with the facilitation of those containers full of equipment’s ,

“The support that Solomon Ports is giving us to make sure we process those containers quickly, that we track of those containers, that we have them in a dedicated space that we able to send our trucks to get them quickly , and in addition to that with additional support in infrastructure to help us deliver these games is essential,

Solomon Ports' partnership as a Silver Partner  Sponsor for the 2023 Pacific Games reflects its commitment to community development, sports excellence, and fostering international collaboration. As the event approaches, both Solomon Ports and the Games Organizing Committee are poised to create a lasting impact on the Pacific Games and the entire region.



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