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Solomon Ports is now fully prepared for any possible lockdown scenario as the Covid-19 Pandemic continues.

As part of preparing for a possible lockdown scenario, new prefab container houses have been completed as an ‘Emergency Response Compound’ for port workers.

As an essential service provider to the country, Solomon Ports is taking these measures to make sure port operations continue in the event of a lockdown.

The new ‘Emergency Response Compound’ can house up to 80 staff, and is all being fitted with electricity, and water supply, air-conditioning, beddings, etc.

Emergency food rations have also been stocked up in the port facility, that will cater for selected staff members who will be working and staying inside the port to ensure the port remains operational in the event of an emergency lockdown.

Adding to the Port’s preparedness, employees have been provided with face masks, and sanitizers to promote personal hygiene.

Covid-19 awareness notices have also been installed around port facilities in Honiara and Noro to ensure staff and members of the public are aware of the symptoms and dangers of the virus.

Carpentry supervisor Mr. Donald Taona said the prefab houses had initially been purposely ordered for different work areas inside the port, but since the Covid-19 pandemic escalated, the purpose was then shifted to a facility purposely for an emergency lockdown.

Mr.Taona said selected staff members will be housed in the facility in the likely event of a lockdown, where they will spend time away from their families to ensure the port remains operational and essential services continue.

“I firmly believe Solomon Ports is ready and we are well prepared to continue port operations and make sure supplies come in and out,” he said.

“With the completion of this facility, it shows the public have to have confidence that we will make sure the port staff are safe from the virus in case a lockdown happens.”

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