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SIPA to host webinar

Solomon Ports will host the "Climate Change Impact on Pacific Ports and Future Sustainability" Webinar on the 26th of August this month. The webinar is sponsored by SIPA and will feature some notable and high level panelists, which includes our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Eranda Kotelawala, Captain Subramaniam KARUPPIAH, General Manager, Port Klang Authority, Malaysia & President, International Association of Ports and Harbours , Noora (Bim) TOU, Chief Executive Officer, Cook Islands Ports Authority, Cook Islands, Mike GALLACHER, Chief Executive Officer, Ports Australia, Australia, and Roel HOENDERS, Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, Marine Environmental Division, International Maritime Organization, United Kingdom. Join the panelists as they discuss the impact of climate change and the initiatives taken for future sustainability of Pacific Ports. 

Webinar Zoom link:

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