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Solomon Ports Easter Notice




The Board, Management and Staff of Solomon Islands Ports Authority wish to extend to the Government, Shipping Agents, and Port users, Stake holders and the people of Solomon Islands the hope and peace of the Easter Season.  May this seasons’ gift of hope give us confidence in God, in his goodness and love, in his ultimate triumph and the spiritual power to do good works that glorify our God Almighty. And may our hearts and minds be in harmony with our risen Lord and with one another as we all celebrate this Easter together.  We pray God that our worship and celebrations be wholesome, and Christ centered.


We would like to announce that the ‘Administration Department’ will be closed for business at following times and dates:


Thursday       1st April 2021                        Good Friday Eve                Closed at 4:30pm

Friday             2nd April 2021                        Good Friday                       Closed all day

Saturday        3rd April 2021                       Holy Saturday                    Closed all day

Sunday           4th April 2021                       Easter Sunday                    As Normal

Monday          5th April 2021                       Easter Monday                   Closed all day


Should there be needs for our services within the declared period of closure we ask that you notify us well in time before 4:30 pm Thursday 1st April 2021. Ship operations will continue as normal.                                         

May God richly bless us abundantly as we celebrate Easter throughout our beloved nation Solomon Islands.


Eranda Kotelawala

Chief Executive Officer


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